NKV-330 Ventilator

Key Features

Provides ventilation for patients > 12.5 kg with tidal volumes as low as 100 mL

May be used non-invasively or invasively

Integrated air-turbine gas source.

Dual HEPA filtration to protect the patient and ventilator.

12.1-inch, color LCD touch screen.

Adaptive triggering to address challenges with changing patient conditions.

Integrated SPO2 and CO2 monitoring



Spontaneous ventilation with pressure support.


Spontaneous with timed backup.


Pressure control ventilation.


Proportion pressure support ventilation

O2 Therapy:

High flow oxygen therapy.


Pressure regulated volume control

Easily transportable

Easily transportable

The NKV-330 Ventilator is designed to be easily removed from the cart with one action. Weighing about 16.8 pounds (7.6 kg) it is easily managed and can be placed on a bed rail with the optional bed rail mount. The NKV-330 accepts either high- or low-pressure oxygen and has a two-hour hot-swappable battery to address most transport needs.
Continuous CO<sub>2</sub> monitoring during NPPV therapy

Continuous CO2 monitoring during NPPV therapy

The combination of cap-ONE, Nihon Kohden’s ultra-compact CO2 sensor, and unique NPPV cap-ONE mask optimizes the ability to monitor and detect changes in the patient’s condition before it’s too late. CO2 and SpO2 monitoring are available, even when the ventilator is in Standby mode!
Critical information at your fingertips

Critical information at your fingertips

The NKV-330 can store up to 72 hours (more than 30,000 items) of full-disclosure waveforms, alarm and operation logs, and patient measurements.

Get Connected

The NKV-330 Ventilator is compatible with the following connectivity management platform:

Nihon Kohden bedside monitors

GE Healthcare bedside monitors

Phillips bedside monitors

Capsule Technologies