Improving patient safety, quality of care and outcomes, while also managing costs are critical goals in today’s acute care environment. Medical devices making a positive contribution towards these goals will be crucial to the healthcare of the future.


The NKV-330 Series Ventilator System is a non-invasive ventilator with the flexibility to adapt to the changing patient conditions and a dynamic hospital environment.


The availability of multiple non-invasive ventilation modes as well as a high flow oxygen therapy mode allows the NKV-330 to operate in various clinical settings including the ER, intensive care, and intra-hospital transport.

Solutions for better outcomes

Reliable ventilation helps to prevent life-threatening events.

Improving patient care

Critical information is intuitively displayed and increases patient comfort.


It provides flexibility across the continuum of care, from ER to recovery.

Improve patient safety

Easily viewable alarms, hot-swappable battery, CO2 and SpO2 monitoring, and HEPA filtration help improve patient safety.